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In project GEMS we understand that the process of radicalization within the gaming ecosystem is a two-step process.


The first step - the preselection process - takes place in the gaming space proper. The second step - the process of radicalization and mobilization for violent action - takes place outside of the gaming space on the other adjacent, and often inaccessible platforms.


In GEMS we aim to interrupt the preselection process and reduce disruptive potential of extremist groups.


To achieve this aim GEMS will develop targeted policy recommendations and online and offline Citizen Awareness Campaigns as well as 4 main outcomes: 

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Enhance the scientific knowledge of complex gaming ecosystem

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Develop AI moderation tool The Watchtower Platform capable of recognising extremist presence in gaming ecosystem and interrupting recruitment attempts in real-time

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Develop Training Materials for European Police Authorities for understanding of radicalization in the gaming ecosystem

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Develop European Network Against Gaming Related Extremism (ENgaGE)

GEMS - TL; DR version


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