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The project’s activities are arranged in eight (8) work packages (WPs). WPs1-5 represent research-oriented WPs, WPs 6 - 8 are technical WPs. WP1 provides the main theoretical of the project, and in doing so, it will enable scientific consistency, including a shared topic-relevant terminology for the whole of the consortium. In its activities there is to be considerable interactions between WP1 and 2, to a lesser extent with WPs 3 and 4. Lead Partner: TCD. WP2 will provide the main sources of novel research data of the project. A closer engagement is foreseen with WP1,3,4. Collaboration with WP1 will entail a comparative analysis of novel data with existing knowledge on radicalization process, with the aim of identifying key points of similarity/difference and extracting useful existing techniques, insofar as they relate to the needs of the project. Data on the identified methods of grooming, and in particular the language forms identified in those instances will be essential to in WP5. Lead Partner: MS. WP3 acts as the fulcrum connecting police authorities and the broader consortium. In the first instance WP3 is to translate the needs of EPSs to the consortium; and in the second, WP3 will translate the data and insight of the consortium to develop EPA training material, and to design the most appropriate curricula. Lead Partner: ROC. WP4 will seek to identify potential dialogue partners, from a selection of groups and subjects, including security agencies, and SME from third countries. Thereby the activities of WP4 complement those of WP6, whose focus is on EU, and EU associated countries. Apart from networking, WP4 entails the set-up of GEMS-focused knowledge exchange events (AEEs) with third-country partners. In view of the focus on the experiences of third-country LEAs, a closer collaboration is envisioned with WP3 and WP6, lagging only slightly behind its impact on WP1. Lead Partner: HSB . WP5 will develop the Watchtower i.e., the AI tool. Hence it is posited downstream of all WPs and is dependent on the data provided by those WPs. Lead Partner:SNS. WP6 will ensure consistent communication and dissemination, assuring optimal visibility, a wide outreach to relevant stakeholders and demonstrable policy impact. Strategic planning and implementation of project exploitation, through dedicated innovation management, will safeguard that major results are captured, assessed, and used. WP6 will have as its main output the creation of the European Network for Fighting Gaming related Extremism (ENgaGE), a cross-sectoral security-oriented network with a focus on the threat of extremism within the gaming ecosystem. Lead Partner: ELIAMEP. WP7 will oversee all ethical matters and ensure that GEMS is ethically compliant. Lead Partner: UoW. WP8 will provide a clear organizational framework, guidance and all support mechanisms to enable a smooth project workflow in GEMS and to ensure that objectives and milestones are met in time. Lead Partner: TCD.

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