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GEMS @ Protecting Public Spaces – Innovation Challenges and Priorities, Sofia, Bulgaria

On April 23, 2024, the GEMS project was represented at the "Protecting Public Spaces – Innovation Challenges and Priorities" seminar in Sofia, Bulgaria. This seminar, hosted by the European Institute and funded by the European Union's Internal Security Fund, provided a platform for discussing the protection of public spaces across Europe through research and innovation.

The GEMS project coordinator, Dr. Maja Halilovic-Pastuovic, and Alex White from SambaNova Systems participated in panel discussions focused on assessing terrorist threats and the challenges of using artificial intelligence in security. The seminar included three thematic panel sessions that tackled topics such as the current and future terrorist threats to public spaces, the implications of artificial intelligence in security measures, and the legal and ethical considerations of deploying new technologies. These discussions were aimed at fostering a comprehensive understanding of the dynamic challenges in protecting public spaces.

The event facilitated valuable interactions among various stakeholders, including policymakers, researchers, and practitioners from more than ten major EU research and innovation initiatives. It served as an important occasion for networking and exploring potential collaborations that could enhance public security.

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