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GEMS @ The EU Knowledge Hub: Prevention of Radicalisation 2.0

Convened by Commissioner for Home Affairs, Ylva Johansson, the conference marked the launch of the new EU Knowledge Hub on Prevention of Radicalisation, dubbed "EU Knowledge Hub: Radicalisation Prevention 2.0."

The conference featured various panel discussions focusing on critical areas such as setting strategic policy agendas, understanding the behavioral drivers of lone actors influenced by online content, revising EU security strategies in response to geopolitical changes, and preventing the radicalisation of minors, especially through combating online influences.

The primary goals were to strengthen the policy-driven approach to radicalisation prevention, assess the current threat landscape, enhance collaboration among EU Member States, civil society, and international partners, and develop strategies to mitigate radicalisation risks. Key points included the need for a multi-stakeholder approach, addressing mental health issues, and the impact of geopolitical conflicts.

The Knowledge Hub aims to provide platforms for stakeholder engagement, support, and adaptability to emerging challenges through thematic panels, collaborations, workshops, study visits, tailored support services, training, mentoring, research, and foresight analysis.

Dr. Maja Hlilovic-Pastuovic from Trinity College Dublin represented Project GEMS at this event, as the project's PI.

For further details, please visit the official EU Home Affairs report.

A small gallery of the event is below. Photos provided by NTU International.

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